Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Have you heard of Baby Signing?

I thought this was super interesting. Has anyone tried this before?

Baby Signing (The Fun of Teaching Your Baby to Sign)

What is baby signing?

Baby signing is using gestures or signs to communicate with your baby. Many moms use American or British Sign Language when teaching their babies to sign but it is perfectly okay to create your own signs. The purpose of baby signing is to communicate with your baby. Babies are able to use hand gestures much earlier than they can communicate with words. Not being able to communicate can be frustrating for baby and mom. Teaching your baby signs gives her the opportunity to communicate with you possibly months before she can actually talk....

I actually find this intriguing. Although I don't have kids yet, I've got Rocky (my boxer dog) and when I was researching different training methods, signing was brought up as a valid and helpful technique. Finding this articale kind of brought me back to that. I of course tried it out and now Rocky knows signs for several commands. Although he can't communicate back, the idea is there and how amazing is it that a baby can pick up on different signs and learn a language before his/her first words?
I would love to know if anyone's tried signing with their babies and how effective and helpful it was. Please share.

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  1. I started using Baby Signing Time with my daughter on her first birthday and to my delight she started signing within the first week! At first she didn't really know what the signs meant, but she quickly picked it up and was using the signs to communicate with us all the time. My daughter will be 2 in May and she has a vocabulary of well over 75 words and she can sign AT LEAST half of those! She also recognizes the words that she has learned from the Baby Signing Time DVD's in books and other places. She will see the word and say or sign it or both! I would HIGHLY recommend Baby Signing Time to anyone with children. Just remember that you have to be willing to sign with them and use the signs when you communicate with them. It is so exciting to know what your child needs before they have the ability to tell you with their words.