Friday, January 13, 2012

Whatever happened to the typical baby mobile?

 Well.... looks like the typical took a long vacation!

So last night, I go to my friend's place for an intimate girl's night over sushi and babysitting her 15 month old. When I stepped into the nursery with baby and mommy I had a chance to look at the different nursery items she had. Aside from the changing table and crib there was of course the diaper stacker, the Angel Dear toys I bought for him (which he's addicted to by the way ;) some organizers, a blanket and more... I however,  focused on the mobile which was one of those battery operated ones attached to the crib. It plays music and projects images on the ceiling which I thought was adorable. For some reason however, I was compelled to see something a little more creative and stumbled upon Project Nursery's "Creative Mobile Inspiration" blog post.

I was pleasantly surprised to see and be WOWed with these beautiful and creative baby mobiles. Who would've thought such simple, classy and tasteful items could not only add so much to the look of a nursery but also serve a mobile's purpose?

It's amazing how by attaching anything to string, you can turn something insignificant into something beautiful and ever so useful.
So what does Little Dudes and Divas offer that you can get creative with?
Angel Dear Rattle Squeakers:  Create your mobile base and you can easily tie string or nylon thread to attach them.
A G.E.M. Creation Hair Clips: Create your base and tie different length ribbons in coordinating colors at different points on the base then simply clip the hair clips onto the ribbon and voila
BIBS! Create an over sized mobile by hanging used bibs over the crib. Get even more creative by gluing felt letters on each to spell out the baby's name.
Apple Park Soft Block Set: Tie these from their corners so that as they move the baby will be able to see more sides of the blocks

There are so many ways to get creative! If you're using items that you would still need easy access to use again, just purchase some durable clips that you can tie to the mobile that you can clip onto the items you're hanging. That way when you need to use that item you can simply unclip it which will also give you an opportunity to refresh the items when you feel you need a change.

Take a look at the blog post here
*image source from Project Nursery post

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