Friday, February 17, 2012

Limited Time Hair Clip Promotion!

Check out this awesome promo! If your Ju Ju Be order is over $100 you qualify for a free hair clip!
This is a limited time offer so get those Ju Ju Be's you love now and receive a free hair clip.

The AGC hair clips are awesome! You can use them in so many different ways!
  • Clip them onto your bags
  • In your hair 
  • On your wallet
  • As a brooch
  • On your hats, scarves, gloves
  • Onto your sweater
  • On a gift in place of a bow
  • Onto your own headbands and ponytails
  • On greeting cards and gift cards
  • As a tie clip on a woman's tie
  • On your pet's collar
  • Onto your stoller
  • As a keychain
And so much more! The possibilities are endless!

What's even better? They're handmade so each and every one is different. Start your collection today!
They're made with non toxic glue and have a soft or tough grip to keep them in place. Just clip them anywhere you'd like and go. To remove from hair, open clip and remove slowly. Tough grips have a stronger hold, please remove carefully. Clips are metal with 2 exposed bottom prongs to make it easier to clip in your hair and allows for a better grip.
Use them for all occasions from work to school to 5 star dinners. They will spruce up every outfit and bag and will look fabulous!
Handmade items will have slight differences in appearance and will have some excess glue to insure the best hold so that your clip will last. Each clip will be randomly chosen. Because it is a free item we need to keep it simple and easy :) Prints and types vary but know you're getting an awesome item that you will love! Take pictures and show off your unique clip!

CLICK HERE to see our specials!

This promotion is limited. Little Dudes and Divas has the right to cancel promo at any time. Clips cannot be exchanged or chosen. Promotion is no longer automatic but must be entered into cart containing Ju Ju Be items totaling over $100 and cannot be combined with other offers. Should you wish to return your order, the clip must be returned or the full $10 retail value will be deducted from your exchange/refund.

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