Thursday, June 18, 2009

JJ Cole Tactic Changing Purse

The Tactic

-padded changing pad-
-wallet organizer-
-adjustable handle for multiple carrying options-
-pvc and phthalate free-

JJ COLE’s tactic is the ideal escape purse for all the diapering necessities. It holds diapers, travel case of wipes and included changing pad. To allow added versatility and preparedness the tactic also sports a wallet organizer. The included changing pad features a padded head area for added comfort on hard changing surfaces. For ease of use in a variety of situations, the tactic’s handle is adjustable and can be attached to the stroller or carried like a purse or wristlet. With safety as a top priority the tactic is made of fabrics that are both PVC and phthalate free, as well as being easy to clean. Available in 4 different patterns and color schemes to satisfy a variety of preferences and coordinate with JJ COLE’s mode diaper bag. This stylish escape purse is the ideal changing companion. When baby grows up, simply remove the changing pad and the tactic is your next chic handbag.


  1. I admit that I have never tried a JJ Cole product, but their prints are sooooo cute! I'll have to head back to the LD&D website and check out their products!!!

    ps...super cute baby in the picture!

  2. wondering how this product compares to the MRH diaper clutch, or the Be Changed by JJB. but i guess all the major manufacturers have to make something in each size category to cater to all the people who like small vs. medium vs. large.

  3. I wish that one of these manufacturers would make a product like this that is big enough to hold cloth diapers. There are times I only need 1 diaper, wipes and my wallet and would love to not have to bring my whole bag, but so far I haven't seen one that will fit a BumGenius one size dipe.