Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some Ju Ju Be's To Come!

As always Ju Ju Be has something cooking!

And as always they surprise us with amazing prints and GREAT new items!

The new print Champagne Bubbles!!! And the new Paci Pods!!!!


Soon to be up for pre-order in late July!

And turns out their shipment is earlyyyyy!!!!

How absolutely wonderful!
And of course that's not all. They have some more news to tell...

Will be posted here once WE find out more... ahhh the suspense!


  1. The champagne bubbles print is TO DIE FOR!!! And even better? It comes in the Between!? How perfect! I heart JJB...the BEST diaper bags EVER and a very generous company...they listen to their customers and have awesome customer service and very loyal (and loving) fans!!!

  2. not sure if i'm a fan of champagne bubbles. might be a print i'd have to see in real life. i prefer more girly patterns, but i totally understand wanting to have more gender neutral ones too. :)

  3. Jenn- it's ok to admist that you're not a fan of champagne bubbles if I can admit that I'm not a fan of the new limited edition prints ;)