Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Baby Kaed Shanti Giveaway!

The Baby Kaed Shanti features:
  • 2 front elastic topped pockets with fun tassels
  • 2 side zippered pockets for small essentials
  • One back pocket with a special cell phone pocket
  • 5 interior pockets; adjustable straps
It comes with the following accessories as well: changing mat, zippered pouch, drawstring bag, pacifier pouch, cell phone pocket, clip for keys, wipes case & duster bag. The Shanti measures 17" wide x 12" high x 6.5" deep, which in bag talk is a wonderful size! :)

And now you have a chance to win it for FREE!
CLICK HERE for more details

There are so many ways to enter!
Thanks to Baby Kaed for donating such an amazing bag and sponsoring a GREAT contest!
And thanks to our Mommy Mentor for hosting it on her wonderful blog!


  1. How generous of you to donate for a contest (although, I must admit it's some clever advertising!). I hope I win that Baby Kaed bag! I had not heard of that brand until this contest...they are so gorgeous!

  2. Also, did anyone else think that was Katie Holmes in the picture? I thought it was her!!!

  3. this is a hot bag! i love how it doesn't look like a diaper bag - cuz i love handbags in general, so this would rock after baby too!

  4. I love the size and design of this bag! I'm always having a tough time finding something I feel is big enough but doesn't look like a suitcase :)

  5. I've been resigned to think that my diaper bag should look like a diaper bag. This BK bag changes my thinking!

  6. Such a beautiful bag! Do we know what color the contest is for?

  7. Adrienne- At first glance, yes, I thought it was her!! :-)

  8. Yes! I'm glad I'm not crazy. I think it's the hair and the sunglasses! I just kind of skimmed over the woman...I was concentrating on the bag!