Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Don't forget to check out Little Dudes and Divas.

We have so many new items on the site!

Wildkin is a wonderful new addition to the Little Dudes and Divas site! LOVING their items!

These Nap mats are sooooo perfect for those school nap times. And even better!
They roll up for easy storage and are perfect for vacationing, weekends at Grandma and Grandpa and the occasional kiddie camping getaway in the backyard.

The sleeping bags are also great for those vacations and weekends! And of course for those fun sleep overs!

They have amazing bags for kids in fantastic prints that are so bright and fun!
Makes the perfect back to school gift for your studious little one.

From backpacks to messenger bags to duffel bags to totes to lunch boxes!!! They've thought if it all!


Fleurville has 2 new prints in their already popular Kids messengers.

And surprise surprise!!! They're coming out with the NEXT GENERATION MOTHERSHIP!
How awesome!?

We also added Baby Bella Maya! A chic line of baby booties that are oh so cute! And the infant carrier covers are SO SO CUTE!


  1. Those little blue shoes are ADORABLE!

  2. I love the idea of a nap mat! My DS is too little to need one for school...but it would be perfect for grandma's house!!! Too cute!

  3. The Wildkin stuff looks really cute! I love all the print options.

  4. i love those little shoes! i've seen something similar in Canada, but not in that colour - so cute! :D

  5. Love those nap mats, perfect for Grandma's house!

  6. I like the black and white FV print. VERY classy!

  7. OMG that car seat cover is hideous no offense to anyone who may like it but ewwww

  8. Jen where in Canada are you exactly???

    Those shoes are cute :D

  9. Love all the new stuff - too cute!! I can't wait to see the FV mothership.

  10. I'm going to have to agree with Alexandra (Lexi, right?) on this one...not a fan of that carseat cover...plus, I thought it wasn't safe to put any after-market items on a carseat.

    Those shoes are for girls, right? I'll have to check to see if there are boy ones.

    Oh, and my word verification for this post is "chedd" and I'm actually eating some cheese...coincidence???

  11. oh my goodness all this stuff is so cute!

  12. I think I might need some sleeping bags! I think those are so cute! My son would love a special sleeping place! So cute !

  13. The car seat covers are unsafe. Sorry. Anything aftermarket like that will void the warranty of your car seat, and it it most definitely a fire hazard should your vehicle ever catch on fire.