Thursday, December 10, 2009


PINK AXLE BABY HATS! They now come in sizes: 0-6 Months 6-12 Months AND 12-18 Months!
AND NOW 3 styles now marked down from $18 to $9!!!
50% off! YEAH!!!

Today’s babies are as individual as their parents…so why should they dress the same as every other kid? That won’t be a problem anymore with Pink Axle, whose designs will bring out the star in your little one with soft caps that have a rock ‘n roll edge!

Pink Axle’s inaugural line includes soft caps for newborns with different rocker images emblazoned on them. These sweet hats come in different designs and color combinations, so your little one will stand out as one of the most sensational babies in the nursery! The hats are also lightly distressed to give your baby a fashionable edge. Plus these unique hats have been created with comfort as well as style in mind, so your baby will appreciate the softness.

Founded in 2005 by Cheree Acosta and Nancy Gutierrez, Pink Axle is the epitome of rockin’ couture for your baby. Their mission is to create a glamorous children’s line infused with rock and roll style. Both Acosta and Gutierrez have a background in children’s retail and noticed that a lot of parents were looking for unique, fun items for their kids…so Pink Axle was born.

Super trendy, absolutely fabulous and stylish, with
Pink Axle your baby gets bumped to first class fashion.
Pink Axle has created a line of cool soft caps for babies. Pink Axle’s taste for fashion and style has brought us these cute baby caps with rocker attitude. Pink Axle is all about style and comfort as well as excellent quality. A Pink Axle soft cap will keep baby comfortable and warm not to mention your baby will look awesome! Pink Axle soft caps are a great addition to a baby’s wardrobe.


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  2. I love these hats! I think the mom one posted on the website is my favorite.