Thursday, December 10, 2009

Exciting new 3-in-1 concept

Zoobie® Pets embody an innovative and patent pending 3-in-1 concept. Each pet is a plush toy, a soft pillow, and a comfy blanket all in one—the perfect childhood companion

How Zoobies™ were born…

Zoobies were created by two young brothers wh

o shared a similar desire to invent something for kids that was fun, innovative and functional. Growing up with seven other siblings, they know what children like. Zoobie Pets became something fun for kids and useful for parents when on the road or at home.

Safe for children

Zoobies is a proud member of TIA and is dedicated to making their products safe for children. Zoobie Pets strictly adhere to all ASTM F963 (USA) and EN71 (EU) standards and regulations.

Product consistency and reliability

We carefully monitor production quality from start to finish, making sure that our high quality standards apply to each and every product that goes on the shelves. From monitoring quality control on the production line at the factory source, to monitoring distribution—making sure that every order is properly fulfilled—it is our goal to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Novel design

We have spared no expense in making Zoobies the cutest, most lovable plush animals in the animal kingdom. Our collections comes in a bright, multi-colored sets that will be appealing to all children. Additionally each animal has been tagged and collared and comes complete with their unique eye and ear stitching.


We wanted to make Zoobie® Pets as soft, squishy, and cuddly as physically possible. The signature faces all contain micro beads, making them extremely soft (and fun for children to squeeze). Each animal has its own definitive, extra-soft-to-the-touch body texture, making for exceptionally comfy pillows. The inner blankets are made of cozy, warm coral fleece—the perfect cuddling companion.

Easy to use

Zoobie Pets are incredibly easy to use. The durable velcro latches are child friendly and are easily unfastened to transform the animals into soft pillows. The zippers located on the bottom of the animal easily unzip to reveal the blanket inside. Each blanket can be detached from the animal for easy washing. Each animal comes with an instructional hangtag that illustrates how to properly fold up the banket—a simple and easy-to-follow three-step process.

The ideal travel companion

Zoobie Pets are the ideal traveling companions for children as they keep kids entertained when awake and comfortable when asleep. Designed with parents in mind, Zoobies are perfect for any excursion.


  1. I am so excited about these! I am going to get one for each of my sons. They will make great gifts too!

  2. We love the hippo! Nice to have while traveling too.