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And now you HAVE to see the new prints! GORGEOUS!!!!
And now a closer look at the Babylegs and their creators!

BabyLegs 101
BabyLegs®, the original designer of the innovative children’s leg and arm warmers, became a leader in children’s fashion when it created a new niche market for children’s leg
and arm warmers in 2005.

Gwen.gifHow BabyLegs got its first legs...
BabyLegs began as one mom’s inventive solution to a diaper rash and quickly became
a parenting essential. Nicole Donnelly was a professional snowboarder turned stay-athome
mom with her daughter Sara - otherwise known as ‘Miss BabyLegs.’ When Sara
developed a diaper rash, Nicole was a mother in a bind; she wanted to give Sara's rash
airtime, but did not want to expose her baby’s legs to the elements. As a solution, Nicole
cut the feet off a pair of adult socks and the driving concept behind BabyLegs was born.

What are BabyLegs...
BabyLegs are leg and arm warmers that offer practical and resourceful ways to keep children
warm, protected and stylish. They are made for boys and girls of all ages, and come
in distinct colors and fashionable designs including: polka dots, argyle, stripes, flowers,
flames, skulls & bones, and many more!

JashHenderson.gifWhy parents adore BabyLegs:
* Makes changing diapers a breeze
* Keeps legs warm in strollers and carriers
* Protects knees from hard surfaces and rug burn
* Provides lightweight sun protection in the summer months
* Helps to keep colic at ease
* Fashionable alternative to tights

Celebrity BabyLegs Fans:
* Angelina Jolie, actress and mother of six
* Gwen Stefani, singer/designer and mother of two
* Kerri Russell, actress and mother of one


BabyLegs believes in the importance of community involvement and support at a local and global level.

Some of the organizations they love to support are:

Ronald McDonald House
BabyLegs values family. We know there is nothing more important than a child's health and happiness. We donate BabyLegs to the Ronald McDonald House to help them ensure families have a comfortable, happy place to live during their child's stay at the hospital.

Keri_russell.gifExpat Organization
Expat is a family owned partner of the BabyLegs factory which provides support for communities in rural China through building new schools, and funding orphanages.

Baby Loves Disco
BabyLegs loves Baby Loves Disco so much we became National Sponsors. Baby Loves Disco (BLD) has become an international event that transforms the hippest night clubs into child proof discos so toddlers, pre-schoolers and parents can let loose.

Seattle Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center

Island Family Magazine

Island Family Magazine

Protect and Cool Them
BabyLegs, a Seattle-based line has announced an original hot-weather product, BabyLegs Cool! Debuting in March 2009. BabyLegs Cool! Designs are made from a lightweight, breathable mesh fabric with an extra UV protection coating to shield little legs during the warmer months.

425 Magazine

425 Magazine

This fun fashion statement provides lightweight; sun protection, warmth throughout the year, and protects soft; fragile baby knees from scuffs and scrathese.

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