Thursday, April 22, 2010

Member Review! Nina's review on Angel Dear!

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She sent us this GREAT review and we wanted to share it with EVERYONE! We hope this personal mommy experience helps you out when considering the super soft and addictive Angel Dear items!

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First let me just say the I wish I knew about the Angel Dear products when my daughter was born.
Even when you fist get them out of the package you can feel how soft they are.
The blue bunny bib is just about the cutest bib I have ever seen, I have never felt a bib this soft. In most bibs the decoration is embroidered on, but not Angel dear, the bunny is a separate piece. I know that people are concerned about the object ripping off and I must say I am one of those people.
After looking at the bib and yes trying to pull to see if it will come off, I feel very confident that the decoration is not going anywhere. The Velcro closure in the back is a plus too. I have no doubt that he will look adorable whether wearing the bib while eating or drooling.

Ahh burp cloths, something I became very familiar with when my daughter was born. The ones I had for her were boring, just your typical solid color. I was pleasantly surprised to see the modest decorations, who knew a burp cloth could be cute. The center panel is white (not usually my first choice in colors, but I am finding that oxiclean takes out anything) with blue polka dots to either side and on the back. Separating the materials is light blue ric rac. Just because it is a burp clothing doesn't mean it has to be boring.

Who can live without onesies? When they are little, especially newborn, I try to put the softest material I can on them. The Angel Dear 0-3 month one that I have is so soft. I am having a little bit of a hard time transitioning from baby girl to baby boy. I am used to the dainty dresses and pastel colors. While I am not shopping for him yet, I am looking around to see what is out there. The dog design onesie is really cute. I love the orange stitching around the arms, shoulders and neck. My daughter who loves dogs really got a kick out of the design and wanted to dress up her doll in it. I can't wait to try it on him, might even be part of his coming home outfit.

A few months ago I bought my daughter an Angel Dear stuffed poodle, After reading the reviews I just had to see for myself how cute and feel soft they were. I got why people raved about them, they make a great lovey and are perfect kid size. When my mom was looking for cute baby shower gift, I showed her the LD&D website and she added on to my order.


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