Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Amanda's Review on the JJ Cole Mode Tote Diaper Bag!

This is the jj cole diaper bag.

...I actually saw a review on Little Dudes and Divas and that's why i bought it....

It reminds me of the jjb spicy, well the inside does, and it's bigger...and doesn't fall over when stuff is in the front pockets. I can fit quite a bit of stuff in here which makes me happy!

Here's what the bag looks like:

Here's the bag packed:

and here's what i can fit inside:

my stuff in the 2 small fron pockets:

cell phone
change purse
note book

chocolate and wallet go in first pocket where you can hide the shoulder strap

Inside for 2 boys:

6 size 3 diapers
4 size 6 diapers
2 bottles
change of clothes for the new baby
travel garbage bags
wet bag
hand sanitizer
extra pacifiers

in the back pocket is the changing pad

Side pockets hold my sons thermos and my hot water thermos for the new baby.

Thanks for the great review!!!
And of course you get a free gift just for this awesome review!!! WOOHOO!!!

Click here to see the JJ Cole Mode Tote Diaper Bag collection!

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