Friday, May 14, 2010

AMy's Amy Kathryn Gladiola Review!

First off, I have to say this bag is GORGEOUS!! I feel so stylish walking around with it in my t-shirt and sweats.

2 Button pockets in the center of bag, both sides
2 Side bottle pockets, with elastic bunching at the top

Zipper pocket
Deep bag
EDIT (forgot these) 2 small pouches opposite the zipper pouch to fit a cell phone and a small wallet

Beautiful and gorgeous bag!!
Lots of space for stuffing
I love the outside button pockets for easy grabbing
Side bottle pockets are the biggest of any bag I have
Comfortable tote style

Not alot of inside pockets
Not much structure, it slumps when empty

Final Verdict:
I really think everyone should own one of these! I believe the packing style to be similar to the JJB Packabe, in that you really need to use quicks or sets to keep the main compartment organized. They really are so stylish!

Sorry for the crappy bathroom mirror shot, I had to do it without a flash.

What is in the main compartment....see how she is kinda slumped on the side there.

Stuffed to top

Underneath the quick and capsule are a mesh shuttle with change of clothes/socks, pack of wipes, and changing pad ( the bottom of bag is not silver! ;p)

One of the outside center pockets. I have 2 small sets and a bib in there. Sorry I don't have anything bigger to show in it.

One of the side pockets, see how the water bottle is slumped in there, there's still more room!

In all her glory!

Thanks for the review Amy! Email me for your free gift! WOOHOO!
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