Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Angela's Q&A on the Ju Ju Be Behave in Black!

Angela sent us this GREAT review and we wanted to share it with EVERYONE!

We hope this personal mommy experience helps you out when considering the Ju Ju Be BeHave Diaper Bag!

How long have you been using diaper bags in general? I've been using diaper bags for 13 months now.

How many diaper bags have you ever used? I've used several different diaper bags. I've had a Eddie Bauer and JJ Cole diaper bags. Yet once I discovered Ju Ju Be I've never owned another brand.

How long have you owned THIS bag? 1 day and loving every minute of it :)

How many are you packing for + ages? Right now it's just for my daughter and I. She's 13 months old.

What do you pack on a daily basis? For her I pack 2 disposable diapers, 1 cloth diaper, wet bag, wipes, Ju Ju Be Light changing pad, pair of socks, hair bows, change of clothes, toys, sippy, snacks, bib, spoon, boogie wipes, sanitizing wipes, wallet, cell phone, lip gloss, bandaid kit, lotion, coupons...I think I remembered everything.

What do you like about the pockets? This purse has SO many pockets! That's one of the best thing about Ju Ju Be bags is the organization. I have so many pockets I don't know what to do with them all!! This is the perfect bag for those that love to be organized and be able to find what they want right away.

How do you utilize the pockets and accessories? The front Mommy Pocket is the best because it makes it so easy to have quick access to your essentials. I put my cell phone, Debit card, chapstick, lip gloss, iPhone and keys in there. The side insulated drink pocket I put my daughter's sippy or a diet drink or my coffee mug. Then my sunglasses in the protected sunglass pocket that's marked with stars above it to let you know which pocket is which - LOVE this! Then in the inside of the purse I dedicate one side to all of my daughters things (wipes, bib, spoon, snacks, hair bows, socks, etc) and the other side I put my wallet, coupons, lotion etc on. The middle built-in quick I put all of her diapering supplies in there.

Where/when do you usually use the diaper bag? (Park? Weekends? Travel? Everywhere?) I plan for this to be my daily bag. It's not too big or small and carries all the daily things that I need for my daughter and I.

What do you think about the straps and/or handles? This is one of the amazing features of this bag. You can carry it by the tote straps or there's a messenger strap for carrying on your shoulder or crossbody style when you need your hands free to carry your wiggly toddler! :) Once you're done using the messenger strap it tucks neatly back under the bag.

How do you like the material of the bag? I'm a huge fan of leather so I was quite skeptic on this new Earth Leather since I've never been able to stand fake leather. I'm SO glad I gave the Earth Leather a shot before making up my mind about it. It's so soft and really does look like real leather! If you don't tell anyone that it's fake then no one will ever know the difference.

What is your favorite feature on this diaper bag? If I had to pick just one it'd be the versatility of how you can carry the bag. I love having tote straps but sometimes I need my hands free and the messenger strap is great for that.

What is your least favorite feature on this diaper bag? I wish they made it with a solid color lining so my colorful JJB accessories didn't get lost in the bag. On the other hand it's nice having a fun print on the inside to enjoy while having a classy bag on the outside!

What type of stroller do you have and how does the bag work with your stroller? I have a Chicco Cortina and Joovy Kooper. It works perfectly on both of them on my Ju Ju Be Beconnected stroller clips.

Is there a special way you use the bag? Not really, I love that it's a Mommy/diaper bag. It's a great combination!

How have the rest of your family and friends used the diaper bag? (Husband, nanny, grandparents, in-laws etc…) Since this is my purse as well only I use it. If she's staying with family then I use my Mightybe or Packabe to leave with them.

How do you clean your diaper bag? I use a boogie wipe to clean off any small smudges or dirt. I've never had to wash any of my Ju Ju Be bags thanks to this trick that I learned in the Pink Room!

How did you hear about this diaper bag and what did you hear about this diaper bag? I heard about this bag back when Ju Ju Be did their spring reveals. I tried telling myself I didn't "need" this bag since it's quite expensive for most. Yet after hearing all the rave reviews I just had to see what all the hype was about. I'm glad that I listened because this bag is worth every single penny!!!

What made you choose this diaper bag? There's not very many purse style diaper bags on the market that are fashionable. I hated carrying a purse AND a diaper bag so when I had my daughter I switched to using just a diaper bag so all my cute purses sat in my closet unused. I get a hot Mommy/diaper bag that's as hot as it is functional!!
This is the best of both worlds!!

What helpful comments do you have for other members interested in this diaper bag? I know for all the leather lovers out there they might be hesitant to try out a fake leather bag but I promise you won't regret it!!! I was one of those that if it was fake leather I wouldn't even look at it. Ju ju be did a phenomenal job creating this Earth Leather. It's like nothing else out on the market. Not only that but you can wash your purse. You heard me right!!!! How many other purses or diaper bags can you say that about?!? As always Ju Ju Be lives up to their high standards and has mad a high quality very organized bag. You can't go wrong with a Ju Ju Be!

Fashionable, Agion lining to keep from mold growing, Great alternative to those that want to be Environmentally friendly but love the look of leather, Great Mommy pocket on the front for quick access to essentials, Tons of pockets and organization, Insulated sippy pocket, Lined pocket to protect sunglasses, A great purse for anyone with or without kids or beyond the diapering years

Con’s For now it only comes with a print lining which is really cute but might be too much for some

Thanks for the great review!

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