Thursday, May 13, 2010

ANOTHER prize winner with a great review!

Been seeing many inquiries regarding our contests. Yup! We have LOTS of contests and oh yeahhhhh they are sooooooo for real!
Maria won this baby just by participating in one of the Little Dudes and Divas contests!

I can't thank Maya and LD&D enough for this bag. It is stunning!!! I feel so incredibly lucky to have won this. My pictures do not do this bag justice. It looks white in pictures but it's actually white with a silvery shimmer. Very pretty!

Here are some packed pics. The pockets are all a great size. They hold a BeMajor or a med BeSet perfectly. The center easily holds two stuff BeQuicks. I don't have it packed that way for these pics, but I was carrying it that way for a while and it worked great.

The zipped pocket is actually really big. I don't have it even close to being full.

Picture on me so you can see the size.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag! My friends have told me when I don't need a diaper bag anymore they will gladly take it off my hands. Well that is never going to happen! I love that it looks like a purse so I can carry it for years to come.

Thanks again, Maya! You rock!

Maria! Email me with your details for a FREE GIFT just for posting a review!

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