Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blog Reviews Contest!

How about you review the diaper bags you own or ANYTHING you own that we carry!?? We would like to get some reviews on the blog asap! AND THE NEXT 50 REVIEWS ENTER TO WIN A FREE BAG!

Zoobie Pets Mashaka The Monkey 3 in 1 Childhood Companion Zoobies Children Accessories
We've compiled a list of questions according to our experiences with other questioning customers. Your reviews will help other mothers make a more informed decision!

If you're interested in participating please see the questions below and answer what you can in essay form. Add a little spice of your own all the while keeping in mind that everything you say can help others make a more informed decision: Also send us as many pics as possible for the review. YOU know what's helpful! YOU'RE the experts! Interior shots of how you pack your bag, different ways you wear your bag, your bag on a stroller, any item in use by you, the baby or anyone, etc...

Ah Goo Baby Bloom Plush Pad
We will constantly put reviews on the blog and if yours gets chosen you get a free gift! You can send as many reviews as you like. Any time one of your reviews gets used by LDD, you will receive a prize! And keep in mind how helpful it will be for others.... and how helpful other reviews will be for you!

Here are some questions to help with your review.

Feel free to add as much information as possible.

Please post it HERE:

paragraph/essay form with the images which is how I will post it on the blog.

How long have you been using the item you are reviewing or similar items in general?
How many diaper bags have you ever used or how many of that same accessory?
How long have you owned THIS item?
How many are you packing for + ages?
What do you pack on a daily basis?
What do you like about the pockets and/or features?
How do you utilize the pockets and accessories?
Where/when do you usually use the item? (Park? Weekends? Travel? Everywhere?)
What do you think about the straps and/or handles?
How do you like the material of the item?
What is your favorite feature of the item?
What is your least favorite feature?
What type of stroller do you have and how does the bag work with your stroller?
Is there a special way you use the item?
How have the rest of your family and friends used the item and if so how do THEY like it? (Husband, nanny, grandparents, in-laws etc…)
How do you clean your item?
What have you witnessed the item withstand?
How did you hear about this item and what did you hear about it that made you want it or realize you need it?
What helpful comments do you have for other members interested in this item?

INTERNATIONAL WINNERS PAY ACTUAL SHIPPING ON FREE GIFTS If you are an international mommy that wins we can ship to a friend in the US for free OR if you have many items to review, I can create a free gift order for you and collect a bunch of free gifts to ship at once as oppose to separate shipping and fees WOOHOO!

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