Sunday, May 30, 2010

An Ongoing Facebook Contest!

This was such a great contest we HAD to reinstate it! YEAH!
AND NOW IT'S ONGOING TILL FURTHER NOTICE!!!! AWESOME! EACH WEEK WILL CHOOSE ANOTHER WINNER!!!!!!! THIS time for a free Timi and Leslie Liz Lange Tote! WOOHOO! Do you have mommy friends? How about Daddy friends? How about ANY friends that would appreciate the many "anybody" items Little Dudes and Divas carries? Well from now till Tuesday June 1st, suggest as many friends for Little Dudes and Divas! No need to come back and let us know either! Simply go to the LittleDudes andDivas page


Suggest as many friends as you'd like and you're automatically entered to win a free diaper bag!
No need to post, or inform.... your suggestions automatically come in with your name! WOOHOOOO!!!! Each suggestions is an entry! Thank you ALL for participating! Enjoy the contests and GOOD LUCK! International winners are ONLY required to pay shipping unless shipped within the U.S.

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