Friday, May 28, 2010

Holy Reviews! Check them out!

Kaylee Anderson Little Dudes & Divas is awesome!!! Great customer service, fast shipping, great products!

Amanda Wing Amazing contests services! a Must for moms and moms to be!!!

Ashley Boston Brandes I love ordering from Little Dudes and Divas! They're selection is WONDERFUL, their customer service is great, and the shipping is so fast!!! I especially like all their items on the sale page :). I love ordering all things Angel Dear and Cupcake's Mini Baby Blankets. I've also gotten the Ah Goo Baby Plush Pad (it was a lot bigger/thicker than I expected) and some Bebe Au Lait bibs (they're just ok). I love your contests (just wish I would win :) ). I can't live without your loveys (Angel Dear or Cupcake); they are perfect for monogramming and baby gifts! Thanks for everything you do!

Aimee Barcus Maya and the team at LD&D provide incredible service! orders are filled and shipped quickly and they are always helpful on the phone if I have a question about a specific product. Not only excellent service, but they have a great selection of products and really helpful photos!!! Thanks LD&D we love you!!!

Carol Hughes I have made two orders and plan on making more when the Ju Ju Be pre order comes up. I love LD&D! Very quick shipping, wonderful service, and awesome selection! =)

Tricia Rehbein Cirlic I haven't made a purchase yet, but I am going to very soon! Everything I see and hear about the LD&D is awesome! There are so many great products at great prices too! I love that you guys have contests all the time..... how fun :)

Anneke Reimers I've made several purchases from LD&D. I especially like that they have a great selection of Ju Ju Be bags and accessories! They have wonderful customer service and turn around time!! I highly recommend ordering through LD&D!

Amanda Baca There is always something I want at LD&D. Sometimes I find products I didn't know about or some products I don't Need but I Want LOL. Thanks for feeding my baby product addiction!

Angela Chow Evans I just love LD&D. The customer service is really exceptional. I particularly love the Ju Ju Be bags, and they give awesome preorder offers. I initially went for the bags and see all sorts of neat stuff on top of coupons, deals, and giveaway! I never have to worry about whether I'll get responded to or if I have an issue if it'll get addressed!

Christine Bash Roeske Why should you shop at Little Dudes and Divas? The video reviews!! Seriously the best idea since sliced bread. I haven't had the chance to order from LD&D yet but I'm saving my mommy pennies for my first JJB. Thanks for inspiring my inner shopping diva, Maya!

Tara Patzkowski Everheart LD&D is awesome!!! Great customer service, fast shipping, great products!

Marina Skye Secor-Gonzalez I love everything Little Dudes And Divas carries. They are very well known for selling Ju Ju Be's which is my obsession. Their customer service is amazing. I have suggested a ton of friends and they are happy as well. They are always doing contests and giveaways which I know a few of the ladies who have won and I hope to win one soon.

Ashley Potter Prince Everything about little Dudes and Divas is great. I love all of what they have. Customer service is great. I plan on buying Some gifts from there for My family and friends kids. Great People. I have a ton of friends that I have made on here, and a ton that I have suggested. Great!

Angel Landa I have just found out about Little Dudes and Divas... It's a fun site!
I have a list of so many things I am planning on purchasing, and my sister says the customer service is excellent! The contests are great, and though I haven't won anything, I have made some new friends!

Chris Haessly Martino This was my first time ordering, but the service was great and fast. I got my order so quickly, and was amazed by the selection! I could spend hours just looking at their stuff! Oh wait, I did.

Barbie Nalley This is only my second time checking out LD&D. But what i see is very awesome. I will definitely be shopping on this site

Stephanie Bismuth LD&D is the best place to find gifts or just what you need for your baby! You find there everything from head to toe, including for the mothers! And an awesome section of JJB bags! The best that I have found anywhere! At the best prices too. Amazing customer service, very fast shipping. Only good things to say!!! And thank you to Maya f...or always having awesome deals and promotions! :)

And so many more!!! What do YOU have to say about Little Dudes and Divas!?
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