Friday, May 28, 2010

Jamie gets a free gift for her Ju Ju Be Legacy Collection Be Major Review!

While it's not technically a diaper bag, it's more of a diaper bag accessory. I am reviewing the Black Earth Leather Major. ELMajor008.jpg picture by zzbean
I was a little nervous about the Ju-Ju-Be Earth Leather, as in some photos, it appeared to quite shiny, or "pleathery" looking if you will. The first flash-free photos I saw of the EL totally changed my mind. There is a gleam to the EL, but it is a classy looking gleam, as opposed to a "cheap looking shine". It is sooo soft. I wouldnt say it is entirely "real" looking, as leather often appears dull, and the EL is anything but dull...But I like that!
What first struck me about the EL Major was how unbelievably well it was made. Having owned ju-Ju-Be Be Majors is various different prints, I noticed several key differences in the EL Major
- the zippers are a much higher quality. When zipping and unzipping the patterned Major, the ziper would always, always get stuck going around the corners, it just did not glide as effortlessly as it should. The EL Major's zippers glide effortlessly around the corners of a stuffed, or unstuffed Major.
-the plastic compartments for the driver's licence and brag photos are of a higher quality plastic. While still entirely transparent, they are made of a softer and more flexible plastic. Making it so much easier to remove your licence and your photos (many times I would rip my photos trying to yank it back out of the patterned Major's pocket.) These pockets actually pull out a tiny bit and then mold back around the licence or photos. It is amazing.
-I can tuck my keys inside the Major, without it looking akward, huge or stretched out....And the zippers still glide effortlessly around the corners, keys and all. I did not like to keep my keys inside because, even though I used minimal keys (house key, mail key, truck ket and keyless entry device with simple keychain) the paterned Major looked MASSIVE with the keys inside, as well as the zippers would stick in such a way it would seem as though I was going to break the zipper. -I am able to fit multiple cards in each of the card slots, without struggling to get them out ELMajor005.jpg
- The front phone pocket is much roomier then the patterned Major. I have an iPhone in an Otterbox and it was a very, very tight fit in the front pocket of the patterned Major, but goes in and out effortlessly in the EL Major (Disclaimer- You should ALWAYS be sure your phone's screen is facing inwards and the snap is done up against the back of the phone to prevent screen damage)
-The inside zippers (the normal colored JJB zippers) also seem to zip and unzip effortlessly. -The back pocket seems to be roomier and easier to access. I loved the BeMajor, but am head over heels in love with the EL Major. It is AMAZING! If you imagine the Major as your absolute favorite treat, the EL Major would be that same favorite treat dipped in the yummies chocolate imaginable! It is everything you loved about the Major made just that much better. I love that it fits in to the compartments of my BRB.... JJB is thoughtful like that! I find the long strap to be too long for my tastes, but love having the option of having a short or longer strap. ELMajor006.jpg
I would recommend the EL Major to anyone that loves or even hates the patterned Major, as this wallet is flawless! However, if you are someone who carrys tones and tones and tones of cards, this wallet is not for you. I like that there are minimal card slots, as I find the endless card slots of the BeRich to be a bit daunting.
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