Friday, May 28, 2010

Tricia's Angel Dear Review!

Of course!!! Haidyn just turned 2 in April. I found them at a boutique in my town, and thought they were super cute. I bought because they were so cute and soft. I would lay it next ot her when she was a baby, and then as she got older she started cuddling with it. She cannot go to sleep without it. We have to take it everywhere we go, and if we forget and it's time to go to sleep.... meltdown city!!!!

I had found a tan colored monkey in a different store and also purchased the giraffe, but she HAS to have her dark monkey! My husband thought it was a waste of money at first, because we were so broke, but it ended up being a good investment and got way more than our money's worth. I wash it all the time, especially when she's sick, and it still looks new! She rubs it on her eyes and nose as she falls asleep! As soon as we say it's nap time, bedtime or she's tired she asks for her monkey instantly.

I am going to need to order another dark one from LD&D in case it gets lost, and it's a lot cheaper on their website than what i paid for them!!!!! I also want to order a couple for my 2 week old!! I would recommend them to anyone, and have a few friends that have babies and are going be ordering them from LD&D.

Great Pic Tricia!!!

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