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Kathy's review on the Ju Ju Be Wannabe Bag!

Kathy purchased the Ju Ju Be Wannabe in Citrus Sorbet

She sent us this GREAT review and we wanted to share it with EVERYONE! We hope this personal mommy experience helps you out when considering the Ju Ju Be Be Wannabe Diaper Bag/beach bag!

Thank you Kathy for a fantastic customer review!
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Wannabe Review

I have been using diaper bags for a little over 5 years and have tried TONS of them. I have 4 children, aged 5, 3, 2, and 11 months. Basically that means, when it comes to a packing a lot of stuff, I know all about it! I was so excited to find out about the JuJuBe Wannabe. It’s huge! It’s washable! It has backpack straps! It has a built in cooler! Sounded like love… and it turned out to be. I got my first Wannabe about 3 months ago. It’s not an every day bag, but it’s a great bag to turn to when you need to pack a lot of stuff. It’s made to be a great beach bag, but I don’t live near any beaches so I can’t really review based on that.

I have used it as a pool bag though and it is great! Here’s a list of what I recently packed into the Wannabe for a family weekend away where we had an indoor pool to visit:

3 size small disposable swim diapers
2 size medium disposable swim diapers
2 size large disposable swim diapers
adult swim trunks
1 pc. swimsuit and pair of shorts for me
4 little girl swim suits

1 pair of little boy swim trunks
1 child’s swim shirt
2 sets of water wings
6 (yes, 6!) beach towels

I was able to separate the swim diapers by size in the pockets so that I would know what I was grabbing. It held everything, wasn’t bursting at the seams, and I was still able to easily close the strap at the top. I could’ve fit in some more small items like sunblock, etc. too.

The straps on this bag are great. The tote straps are adjustable and can be held in your hand or fit to go over your shoulder. The backpack straps on this bag are my favorite feature though. I just love the ability to put it on my back and have my hands free to take care of my kids or carry anything else we may have. I have never seen anything like the backpack straps on this bag and I think they are invaluable.

The material of the bag is the same great material JuJuBe is known for. It’s high quality and made to last. This is a bag that you can use years beyond the baby stage. I don’t know of any family that takes a trip to the beach or pool and doesn’t need a lot of space for things. It’s definitely a bag with a long life. The “sand trap” on the bottom of the bag is a wonderful feature. I don’t anticipate going to too many beaches where I live, but the fact that the bottom of the bag unzips and anything that spills in there can fall out through the mesh is great. I don’t know of anyone who couldn’t use a feature such as this from time to time. How great to have messes come out of your bag without having to take everything out.

The top of the bag only has a single strap to cinch it together for closure. It’s not a bag for someone worried about the openness of their bags. For the intended uses of the Wannabe, the strap closure is wonderful and it does hold securely. I have had the bag tip over and things don’t come pouring out.

One thing I have figured out about this bag, that’s probably pretty unique to me and my family, is that it can hold a backless booster car seat. We plan on flying this summer with our children and don’t like to trust the airlines with our car seats. With taking 4 children through an airport, through security and onto a plane, we were thrilled to find out we could put a booster seat into a Wannabe and still have room to pack some other items around it.

We plan on using this as a carry on to get the seat on the plane easily since we can wear the bag on our backs, leaving hands free for folding the stroller for gate check, holding hands so everyone gets to where they need to be, and for holding other carry-on luggage. I can’t think of an easier way we’ll be able to accomplish this without a Wannabe!

I think the Wannabe is a great bag for anyone who goes to a beach often, as the sand trap is a great way to get extra sand out. The Wannabe is also a great pool bag for families, especially larger families. I’m looking forward to using the Wannabe as a picnic bag as well since it has a built in cooler pocket (that really works- I’ve tested it out!) and still be able to pack everything we may need for a picnic lunch as well. The Wannabe also has the great feature of the towel or blanket elastic on the outside. You can fit your picnic blanket in the straps, it won’t be taking up room inside your bag, and it’s all in one great package. I really am quite in love with the great features of this bag; features I can’t find in any other bag out there. Trust me, I’ve looked!

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