Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Member Review! Heather sent us a great review on the Ju Ju Be Wannabe Beach bag/Diaper Bag!

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Heather sent us this GREAT review and we wanted to share it with EVERYONE!

We hope this personal mommy experience helps you out when considering the Ju Ju Be Wannabe Diaper Bag!

Thank you Heather for a fantastic customer review!
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Did you know that there is an absolutely perfect bag for taking your kids to the pool or the beach? Well there is, the Ju Ju Be Wannabe. Last summer a friend of mine got this bag and after I saw it, I simply had to have one. What is so perfect about it you ask?

Well for one it is huge. It easily carries everything that I need for my 2 and 4 year old children to the pool. Sunscreen, swim diapers, a change of clothes, pool toys, towels, water bottles and lunch. You would think that a bag that carries that much would be heavy and I guess it can be but carrying it is not a problem because it has removable backpack straps (number 2 reason why this bag is so great).

.....I just carry it backpack style and have my hands free to hold my kids hands, show my pool pass, open the car doors (well, you get the picture).....

It also has regular tote straps that I do use when I use the wannabe as an overnight bag.

.....The third reason that this bag is so great is the organization.......

The outside of the bag has 2 pockets. The larger one is big enough to fit a magazine (or a few magazines!) and the smaller one fits a larger paperback book nicely. The inside of the bag has 3 mesh pockets which I fill with sunscreen and pool toys and 2 pockets that would fit large water bottles. There is also a long zippered pocket along one side that is divided into 3 sections.

This pocket is lined with a soft material and is perfect for any valuables. I always use this area for my money, cell phone, camera and an extra pair of sunglasses. One of the sections is specially made for your mp3 player and actually has an opening so that you can keep your player safe in the bag and still listen to it. The wannabe also comes with 2 separate zippered pouches or wet bags. The smaller size is perfect for diapers and swim diapers (I usually pack 2 of each). I use the larger pouch for snacks that don't need to be cooled, but it would also be perfect for wet swim suits. Oh, I almost forgot the outside towel holder. You can carry an extra towel on the outside of the bag but I usually attach the kid’s puddle jumpers to it.

The fourth reason that this bag is so great (and my favorite feature) is the insulated cooler pocket. The cooler pocket is actually built in so that you don’t need to carry a separate cooler. I usually carry a couple of sandwiches, a Tupperware of fruit, a couple of juice bags and some small ice packs.

.........This pocket is very easy to clean also, you can just wipe it out........

And don’t forget the sand trap! The bottom of the bag is lined with mesh and the bottom outer part zips open so that you can shake the sand out without unpacking the bag.

I don’t know whether you’ve ever owned a Ju Ju Be bag before, but the quality of their bags is fantastic and the Wannabe is no exception. The bag is made out of Teflon which resists stains and all of the hardware is metal, not plastic and it can be washed too. I used this bag daily last summer and it still looks brand new. It also comes in really fun prints and I always get complements on this bag when I take it out. Some people (let’s call them the non bag obsessed) might think that at $160 the Wannabe is a little pricey, but ultimately the quality, functionality and style of this bag make it well worth the money. And believe it or not, I do not work for Ju Ju Be!

Thanks for the great review!

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