Monday, May 24, 2010

Alison sent us a great review on the Ju Ju Be Behave Diaper Bag!

Alison purchased the Ju Ju Be Behave Diaper Bag in the Earth Leather Brown.

She sent us this GREAT review and we wanted to share it with EVERYONE! We hope this personal mommy experience helps you out when considering the Ju Ju Be Be Legacy Collection Behave Diaper Bag.

Thank you Alison for a fantastic customer review!
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I have been using diaper bags for over 11 years and only recently discovered Ju-Ju-Be products about 5 months ago. I didn’t think I needed anymore diaper bags since my youngest child will be 3 in a couple months. Then the JJB BeHave was introduced, touted as a mom bag with a baby pocket, and I started re-thinking things. I wasn’t sold on it until I saw more pictures of it then I had to have it! I pre-ordered one from Little Dudes and Divas and it arrived super-fast.

........I got the Brown BeHave with Zany Zinnia interior, it’s so vibrant inside and easy to find your stuff........

I have had this bag for only 4 days and I know it will be a keeper. It is so incredibly chic and the organization inside cannot be beat by any other brand. On a daily basis I pack this bag for myself and my 2.5 y.o. I pack a change of clothes for him, a diaper, and wipes inside a JJB BeQuick in case I have to drop him off at Nana’s; that way I don’t have to leave my entire bag with Nana. In the middle zippered pocket of the BeHave I pack a couple extra diapers and my envelopes of coupons.

There are 3 pockets on one side and in those I pack a sunscreen stick, hand sanitizer, lip balm, Motrin, hand cream, and a small hairbrush. Above these 3 pockets is a zippered pocket where I store my feminine products. Next to that are 5 loops for things like lipstick and pens, and a key fob. I’ve never actually used a key fob on any of my JJB bags, I prefer to keep them free in my bags. On the opposite side of the bag there are two larger pockets where I keep Boogie Wipes, Kleenex, and snacks like sandwich crackers and granola bars. I also keep my BeRich wallet in there and a camera. . Above both of these are 2 zippered pockets which I have yet to fill. The main opening of the bag has a split zipper system that allows it to open really wide to get to all your stuff. On each side of the exterior is a zippered pocket. One is satin lined and I keep my son’s sippy cup there.

The other pocket is for sunglasses and is lined with a nice material to protect your sunglasses. The front of the BeHave has a pocket that sold me on the bag. I don’t usually carry a separate wallet, I prefer purses with those built-in wallet sections. The front pocket opens with a magnetic flap and inside you will find plenty of space for keys and gum along with a zippered pocket, 2 credit card pockets and a cell phone pocket.

.......The credit card pockets sold me because if you are the type to use your bank card for most purchases you could keep it there and not have to use a wallet..........

I like having that as an option, though I did purchase a JJB BeRich in earth leather to match this purse and keep all my other cards and cash/change in.

The Behave has 2 strap options, you can either carry it tote style with the shorter straps, or use the messenger strap.

.......The messenger strap has a removeable gripper pad to help keep it on your shoulder- I LOVE this feature. ........

I have really narrow shoulders and a lot of other bags will fall off, but NOT this bag with the gripper pad. That’s another thing that sold me on the bag. I don’t plan on using the shorter straps since they tend to fall off my shoulders. I was worried that they might look goofy but they lay nicely when not in use and they add to the stylishness of the bag. The messenger strap can be stored around and under the bag, but it might hinder access to the zippered side pockets. The bag also has D-rings to use with stroller clips to attach to your stroller.

......Overall, this bag is fantastic not only for moms, but for anyone with good style.....

It could be used as a purse, diaper bag, or combo of both. It is made out of Earth Leather (not from animals) and does not contain PVC like other pleathers. It is soft and looks like real leather and the color is a gorgeous burgundy brown. I will definitely be recommending the Ju-Ju-Be BeHave to my friends!

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  1. Great review Alison! I agree that this is a fabulous bag. I have one also and I absolutely love it. I would recommend this bag to anyone, mom or not!