Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not so shocking... Ju Ju Be's AT IT AGAIN! WOOHOOOOOO!

Ju Ju Be's new Best Friend Forever — the B.F.F.!

Ju Ju Be today revealed their first of many more reveals to come!
Here's their info on their BRAND NEW BAG! THE BFF

The wonderful, fabulous, oh-my-goodness- your-head-is-gonna-explode-in-excitement B.F.F. – aka your Best Friend Forever!!!



How’d you come up with this amazing bag???
Ju Ju Be scoured the Pink Room message boards – especially their “You Be The Designer” section – and found out exactly what the customers wanted. Many said their perfect bag would be a “flapless BeAll” (lovingly dubbed the FBA by our fans). Many thought a marriage of the BeAll and the BePrepared or BeTween would be the perfect bag – but Ju-Ju-Be wanted something FRESH! And HOT!

The kind of bag that would be your best friend forever. Thus, the B.F.F. was born.


They wear-tested and tweaked and tweaked and wear-tested and are finally DONE – or so they thought!

Then Joe asked Kristin, “Well, why not add removable backpack straps?” And the team said, “HECK YEAH! Let’s throw a grab handle in, too!”

This is the REAL reason it was released for summer instead of spring, mamas! Wonderful additions to make it *really* perfect!


So, is this the microfiber version of the BeFabulous?
The B.F.F. and the BeFabulous are, well, total best friends forever! They’re very similar! In addition to being machine-washable, this gorgeous bag features:

Main compartment
- nice and spacious
- double zipper opens bag up all the way with gusseted sides so nothing falls out
- two gusseted pockets on backside
- two interior drink pockets on either end
- two picture pockets on front side
- one long zippered pocket on front side
- inside is smooth & beautiful-satin only, which gives the bag an even more upscale look!
- GRAB HANDLE — you asked for it, and we gave it to you!!!
- Feet on bottom

Mommy pocket
- scrunchy key fob
- sunglass case
- two small gusseted pockets
- one small zippered pocket

Zippered pocket above mommy pocket

Back pocket
- comes with changing pad – approx. 22 inches x 12 inches
- two gusseted pockets to hold diapers/wipes

Straps and D-rings
- DETACHABLE BACKPACK MESH PADDED STRAPS — super comfy and convenient! If you don’t like backpack styles, then use the MESSENGER STRAP! And, as always, you can hang it from your STROLLER with stroller clips (not included) or using your messenger strap. The shoulder pad doesn’t have to be removed to make it really small. The slider goes through the shoulder pad and to the other side of it — so you can wear it at a “tote” length! Super cool!! So it’s like three versions in one: tote, messenger and backpack!
- A removable shoulder pad — the same shoulder pad featured on our microfiber bags
- A messenger strap that extends to 48 inches long or as little as 27 inches at its shortest length (with the shoulder pad removed)
- D-rings on either side to attach strap and also to attach stroller clips (not included)

Two large insulated side pockets for sippies or bottles

Via the grab handle

Via the grab handle


What makes this an awesome backpack? The bottom goes into the small of your back and then almost curves with your back!

What makes this an awesome backpack? The bottom goes into the small of your back and then almost curves with your back!


Hanging from the stroller via the messenger strap

Hanging from a stroller with our clips!

Hanging from a stroller with our clips!

How big is it?
Measurements are the same as the BeFabulous. The base is 14×6″ (the width decreases as it gets taller), and it’s 12″ tall.

How much does it weigh?
It’s 2.4 lbs with just messenger strap, 2.6 lbs with just the backpack straps, and 2.8 lbs with all straps.

How’d you come up with that fun name?
It was named by pink lady Mirabella20 at last year’s big get-together in Southern California, when we asked for name suggestions. We loved it immediately and knew it would fit perfectly within our line! Three cheers for Miralee!!!

What colors/prints will it come in?
Black/Silver, Brown/Robin, Drip Drops, Midnight Eclipse, Lotus Lullaby, Sangria Sunset, Dizzy Daisies, and our two yet-to-be-revealed NEW PRINTS! Check back over the next weeks to see those new prints!

How much is this wonderful bag?!?
$150 – wowza!!!!

When will preorders start?
Slated to begin June 21st

When can I get my hands on it?!?
Fireworks won’t be the only things you’ll be ooh-ing and ahhh-ing over this 4th of July!

Fun! Do you have more pics I can drool over?
Yup! We’ll post some more shots of the B.F.F. in action on the blog throughout the week!

Speaking of best friends, a special shoutout to our besties at Joovy for lending us their super fun strollers for our photoshoot! Joovy + Ju-Ju-Be = friends forever!


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