Monday, June 7, 2010

Covers you, not the baby! Slurp and Burp! ON SALE!

Summer is here and who wants to cover up the baby in this heat? Phew... hot!
The greatest solution!!!

The Slurp & Burp™ Breastfeeding Cover is the coolest breastfeeding cover on the market because the patented design allows mom to nurse discreetly without covering her baby. With The Slurp & Burp™ Breastfeeding Cover Mom never has to reach for a burp cloth because there's one sewn into the design. Less to remember and less to pack with The Slurp & Burp™ Breastfeeding Cover makes life so much easier! The Slurp & Burp™ Breastfeeding Cover remains compact in your bag because it rolls up and tucks into it's own elastic strap. Remember... The Slurp & Burp™ Breastfeeding Cover was designed to help moms incorporate breastfeeding into their lifestyle. ENJOY!!! FBHSLOV

The Slurp & Burp™ Breastfeeding Cover is made of 100% cotton and machine washable!

What exactly is a Slurp & Burp™?

The Slurp & Burp™ Breastfeeding Cover is a loop of layered cotton material that is worn like a sash over one shoulder of the mother and under her opposite arm- please refer to wearing instructions. The Slurp & Burp™ Breastfeeding Cover patented design allows the mother to be completely covered while allowing the baby to be uncovered.

The Slurp & Burp™ Breastfeeding Cover is made of machine washable cotton knit. Wash in cold water; do not bleach. Hang dry or tumble dry on low heat. Use a cool iron if needed. We recommend warm water and mild soap on a clean cloth for removing most common stains prior to washing. Please be certain to thoroughly test an inconspicuous area prior to actual stain removal to avoid uncontrollable variations in material reaction. 

 All-in-one product for nursing and burping Securely loops around mom for complete coverage, no risk of falling off No more hassling with tucking blanket into bra straps or clipping Promotes mother/baby bond Comfortable for mom and baby—no more fussing with hot, sweaty blankets Machine washable/made of lightweight cotton Cost effective—price is comparable to the cost of just one nursing top Mom can keep her own style—no need to wear unflattering nursing tops Compact, easily fits in purse or diaper bag Nursing can be done anywhere Able to breastfeed while wearing a dress

**Breastfeeding via the top of your shirt promotes better posture while nursing. It encourages mom to lift and cradle her baby at breast level rather than rounding downward and slouching forward. In addition, mom is able to keep her belly covered without layering shirts or wearing belly bands.



  1. Love this idea, is there a size chart?

  2. I think I might be missing this for sale through this site or do we have to order elsewhere? I would love one but don't know where to purchase them!


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