Monday, June 7, 2010


The Ju Ju Be MightyBe Bag!

Just in time for Spring and Summer! This bag is SUPER light! Less than a pound, about 9 oz.!
It's a massive bag without the overbearing "hugeness"
The MightyBe is a great "run out of the house" bag. The type of bag you can just throw anywhere and fit anywhere!

Going shopping? Just fold it up and stuff it your bag pocket for a reusable shopping bag!
Going on a trip? Well we always need extra space! Fold it up and shove it into your purse! Hey, you never know WHAT you might find in the duty free.
Going to the beach? The Park? Grandma's? A friend's house? The bank? Corner Store? Deli???
How about the shoe store? Pharmacy? Beach? Amusement Park? Doctor's office? WORK???
This is the EVERYTHING Bag! Good for ANYTHING bag! To take ANYWHERE bag!
It can fold up enough to fit into any pocket that can hold 2 diapers!
And can fit half a house when opened!

The must have for anyone!

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