Monday, June 14, 2010

Entry # 17! chall1011 Thanks for the great review!


I won this set! and it came in the mail yesterday. IT was a bib and burp cloth for my daughter ! the bib says hunny bunch and there are a bunch of grapes on top. It is very soft and cute, and I've never bought any material organic items before, so this was even a better part!!

My daughter loves the bib and can not pull it off which is what i love the best! The closure is Velcro but almost like a soft Velcro which is really cool! Chloe is almost 11 months old and this bib covers her entire neck down to her chest area and I don't think any food spillage could possibly leak onto her clothes with this. I'd recommend this bib for babies-toddler years.

The burp cloth is really soft and Chloe loves to hold onto it like a blankie. It is very absorbent also which is great when it comes to burping your little one!! And if your child does not need a burp cloth, it could be a great little take along cloth to clean them up with!! and its extremely soft! Using it as a burp cloth it lays right across your shoulder and covers up all the needed area for them "extra" burps =)

Overall one of my favorite sets!!!

Thanks little dudes and divas my daughter will love making a mess on this bib =)

Little Dudes and Divas
Little Dudes and Divas
Little Dudes and Divas
Little Dudes and Divas

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