Friday, June 4, 2010

The perfect reusable bag!

Fold it and shove in one of your everyday bag pockets! Just yank it out and use it when you need that extra bag! 
The Ju Ju Be MightyBe Diaper Bag

It MIGHT BE everything you’ve wanted

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a MightyBe!!!!! The bag with superpowers!!! It can change from a beach bag to a school bag to a church bag in a single moment! It MIGHT BE the best bag around and the most versatile!!!!


Imagine the big sister to the BeLight, similar but different. The MightyBe is an ultralight tote measuring 18? (wide) x 15? (tall) x 3? (deep) with tote straps that have a 12? drop…exactly the right length!
-Two snaps at the top keep things where they need to be
-Three exterior pockets on the front (two that are tall enough to hide water/baby bottles and the center pocket is shorter for your cell phone, keys or Chapstick)
-Large back pocket the length of the bag that is perfect for magazines, folders or paper that snaps closed in the center

How is it different than the BeLight? Well, it is wider/bigger, it is not reversible and it has stationary straps.
The MightyBe is perfect for everyone! Grandma will love it! Mom will love it! Sister will love it! Teens will love it! Tweens will love it! It was made for all of those people…and if you want it to be a diaper bag, then you can buy a changing pad separately and voila…it’s a diaper bag!

This might be the best beach bag ever. This might be the best school bag ever. This might be the best shopping bag ever. This might be all of those put together and more. Sounds like a bag with super powers, huh! Well, it is! Introducing the MightyBe. It manages to be the best without being a beast and it looks super sporty, too. It has just enough pockets to keep you ultra organized and a snap top closure to make sure your stuff doesn’t go anywhere without you. Need to carry a lot and do it in style? ... then MightyBe to the rescue!

-measurements: 18” x 15” x 4”

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