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yardsaler86 you have Entry 10! The Ju Ju Be Right Back!

Review on Ju-Ju-Be BeRightBack

I was on the hunt for a new diaper bag when I came across the Ju-Ju-Be brand. The brand got rave reviews for Mamas all over the web, so I decided to give them a try! My only issue then would be to choose which bag would best suit my needs. That’s when I found, and fell in love with, the BeRightBack. Very Happy I’m going to break the bag down in to sections so you can see every aspect of the beautiful, functional bag.

My beautiful new bag!

Front pocket:
This pocket is completely functional with a flair of ‘cuteness’ thrown in. When you first open it up is has a spot to put a picture of your little one(s). I, personally, use this pocket for my wallet. I have a fossil brand wallet, but have been told a Ju-Ju-Be BeMajor fits this pocket perfectly as well! Very Happy I’ve read reviews where some Mamas find this pocket perfect for a hard wipes case and a diaper or two though. Just one of many reasons to love Ju-Ju-Be, functionality paired with flexibility.

You can see how large my wallet is that fits perfectly in there!

‘Mommy’ Pocket:
This is, hands-down, my favorite part of this bag! I needed a bag that was going to help keep me as organized as possible (a must with two toddlers running around) and this pocket does that to a “T.” Here are the details laid out:
~Key FOB: No more lost keys! Yay! It’s near the front of the bag, so it’s always readily accessible for you.
~Sunglasses pouch: Okay, so not only is this the perfect place to store your sunglasses, but you can clean them with the material the pouch is made out of as well! Thank you JJB for the attention to detail! Very Happy
~Camera pouch: So, I’m not completely positive that it’s a camera pouch, but it fits my camera perfectly! I’m sure you can use it for a phone as well, but this is an easy place for me to store my camera.
~Elastic pouch: This is at the bottom of the “Mommy” pocket and is the perfect place to store ‘Mama needs,’ hand lotion, hand sanitizer, lip gloss, and other miscellaneous items.

Mommy Pocket

Contents of Mommy Pocket

Main Compartment:
~Top Elastic: Easily my favorite part of this compartment. It sits at the top of the bag for easy access. I can fit a pull-up and diaper in there for quick, easy changes.
~Mesh Pouch: This pouch is directly under the top elastic. The elastic can tuck in to the top of this pouch to keep everything neat and tidy. I find that this pouch is perfect for wipes (again, to help with the quick and easy changes) and any diaper ointment you may wish to store there.
~Main compartment: Like any backpack. Easily stores two changes of clothes for 2 toddlers with room to spare. Love it! I’ve also been told that it would easily fit a couple JJB BeQuicks. I have not yet used a quick (it’s on my infamous wish list), but I think they would be great for packing clothes, meds, or other misc. items.

Opened up

Without 4 sets of clothes (inside mesh pocket is wipes, 1st aid kit, and hairbrush.

Clothes that were packed inside

Bottom compartment:
This compartment, like all the others, is easily accessible. I love that JJB thought about how quick Mamas (and Papas) need to reach for specific items. This compartment comes standard with a plastic mess shuttle for dirty messes or diapers. I’ve been told that this pocket is perfect for Mamas who cloth diaper. We don’t cloth diaper on the go, but I can see how wonderful this pocket would be for that! If you don’t choose to use this compartment for dirty duds or dipes, it makes a perfect snack/lunch area! I, personally, store extra diapers in the bottom and keep room for yucky clothes (with potty training this is a must!).


Mess shuttle, two pull-ups, and two diapers.

Top compartment (near grab handle):
Snacks, cell phone, keys, and so much more can fit in this handy little pocket. JJB did not waste an inch of space in this bag. I love to put little crackers or gummy packets in this pocket for quick access for hungry children!

A shot of the inside

What can be found inside

Side bottle pockets:
Also one of my favorite aspects of this amazing bag. Made with 3M Thinsulate, these nice, deep, bottle pockets have allowed me to pull out a sippy cup cooler than when I put it in! They are nice tall and wide pockets that can even accommodate Mama’s water bottle.

Sippy inside

Gives you an idea of the size of the sippy (toddler)

Changing pad pocket:
Located near the very back of this bag is a zipper where your changing pad lives. Very Happy I’ve never seen a more luxurious changing pad in my life! Made out of memory foam and covered in Teflon, anti-microbial material that can be thrown in the wash! I don’t know what more you can ask of a changing pad! Oh, and as a bonus, because of where the changing pad is located and the fact that it’s made out of memory foam, it acts as an extra little cushion to your back when toting this lovely bag along.

Hidden pocket with CP inside

Gorgeous change pad to match gorgeous bag

Details the BRB offers:
~Stroller clips to attach this beauty to any stroller-standard! Latch on to metal clips found standard on bag.
~Logo and rhinestones on each and every zipper.
~Magnetic and/or zipper closures- no loud Velcro!
~Metal hardware.
~Star detail on back padding.
~Metal feet on the bottom of the bag to protect the bag itself (especially from all those yuckies on the floor!).
~Teflon-wipes clean, but can be thrown in the washing machine as well!
~Anti-microbial material!
~Light-colored interior lining- no black hole effect when searching for things in the bag.
~Comfortable to wear and use!
~Grab handle.
~Ring on backpack strap for sunglasses if you are in and out of a place and don’t want to put them in the sunglasses pouch.
~Functionality- I could not ask for more from a diaper bag!

Back star detail

Rhinestone on zipper

I find something new to love about my BRB every time I use her! Very Happy

I hope my review helped for those who may have been considering a JJB BRB. Even if you weren’t, you are now though aren’t you? Very Happy Money well spent! I see myself using this bag well after my children are out of diapers. You will not be disappointed with the Ju-Ju-Be brand.

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