Monday, June 6, 2011

Be Lights Just a Wanna Have Fun!

The Be Light Midnight Eclipse had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend last week! A long weekend in Atlantic City was just the right dose of sun, fun and relaxation she needed!

My Be Light was my bag of choice for this trip knowing I'd be doing things that I would need a super versatile bag for. Now for a four day weekend trip I really didn't want to carry 15 different bags for the 50 different things I was going to do.

Here she is taking a break from bike riding on the boardwalk.

She was PERFECT! She kept my money and ID safe in her interior zippered pocket and kept my sunscreen cool in her front pocket when I was out of the hotel. She was comfortable as a backpack when I was bike riding, worked perfectly as a messenger when I gambled and couldn't have fit better around my waist when I was boardwalk shopping!

Here she is eating some yummy comfort foods in the company of great friends on the boardwalk! AND with everything I carried, she still had room to fit the leftovers!

She was on a cruise too where we saw GORGEOUS dolphins! It was great to wear her as a backpack especially considering the boat rocked. It was convenient not having to worry about her swooshing from side to side.

Had a Creme Brulee to satisfy her late night sugar craving. After some gambling she simply begged for some yummy brulee and I figured, hey! She's the one carrying all my stuff so well, I have to spoil her ;)

And she even got to ride in a wheelie cart... TWICE! She had so much fun the first time, I couldn't resist making her oh so happy yet again! :)

Twas a wonderful weekend and a comfortable one thanks to my Be Light Midnight Eclipse. And she was SO perfect, I just got TWO more Be Lights for my growing collection! WOOHOO!

Check out my Be Light's Dolphin Friends ;) (I'm not sure the vids will work below. If not I'll try to re-uplaod them ;)

Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas


  1. crystal (lynn4)June 06, 2011 9:11 AM

    lol very cute

  2. Very nice! Did she eat any fried oreos? :)

  3. Mmmmm fried Oreos ;) She was considering it but her friend wanted the.... other thing (whatever it's called lol) ;)