Monday, March 5, 2012

Diaper Bag Spotlight! The Timi and Leslie Charlie Cocoa Brown

So I think I called this chocolate brown in the video... but you know what I mean :)
From the moment I added this item to the site I couldn't wait to get a good look at it. AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! Keep in mind the pictures don't do the true color justice. I just couldn't capture the true color :( Sorry about that.

A lot of people call us up or email us asking if the Timi and Leslie faux leather looks cheap and overly fake. The answer is no. It also depends on the type of faux leather, for instance, the shinier ones look a little less leather like than the matte fabrics. This cocoa brown? Well, it looks so close to real leather I had to take a whiff to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Same goes for the other Charlies as well.
And all in all, the Timi and Leslie bags are chic, comfortable and stunning! I'm a huge fan!

And I'm sure you know how much I love accessories included with bags... you will LOVE the accessories Timi and Leslie includes in their bags. Aside from a changing pad which I think we all expect from most diaper bags, the Timi and Leslie convertible collection comes with stroller straps, a messenger strap, bottle holder, mess bag, wristlet clutch and a built in key fob.

I love love love this bag! It sits so comfortably on my shoulder and the messenger strap is super comfortable. It doesn't look like it would be so it was a pleasant surprise when I had it on. I LOVE the feel of the fabric. It actually reminds me of the leather I felt on one of the Storksak bags.

 And huge wristlet fan here! I used my turquoise one all weekend! I had enough room for my glasses, ID, credit cards, cash, chap stick, candy, checkbook, pen and some more. The fact that you can clip and unclip is a hug plus because you can clip it onto your bag or hang it off the stroller. It makes for a great evening clutch!

TWO THUMBS UP! Not only for the bag itself but the color. It's one of their newest colors and it is YUMMMMM.... MMMMYYYY!

Now this beauty sits on our display table in the store. A great area to showcase such a beautiful bag.

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