Thursday, March 8, 2012

Share Your Photos and Videos!

We want to see you with the goodies you've purchased at Little Dudes and Divas!
Take a picture and video and share them with us!
Receive a coupon for $5 off for posting a picture! (1 per customer/household)
Receive a coupon for $10 off for posting a video! (1 per customer/household)
AND add your testimonial to enter to win a free gift!
Images and videos will also count as entries for the contest and must include a person.
*please note: only newly posted pictures, videos and testimonials will count for an entry.

You get to show off, enter a contest, help support the small company you love and shop some more! WHOOP!

In order to receive your coupons, post your picture and/or video on media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Blog etc... (only needs to be posted in one place but please feel free to share in as many places as possible.) Picture caption and video content must indicate that the item was purchased at Little Dudes and Divas. You can also mention this limited offer for those that would like to participate.
***MUST BE PUBLIC (each media site has it's own privacy options however, if you are participating please make sure the image/video is public -cause that's the point of sharing right? :)- and make sure the content suits you enough to be posted publicly.)

We wanted to thank you all for the amazing support you've shown. We read out the rave reviews you all email and post and it's amazing just how much it motivates us all to give it our best time and time again. So...

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  1. I uploaded a photo under Tamushka Gee in FB, but I ordered the goodies with a different email than the one from FB. Will this be a problem? I used a yahoo email for the ordering. Thanks Maya and LDD crowd :-) (jtammyg

  2. That's no problem, just enter the link as an entry and be sure to have someone in the picture. The pictures and videos need to show the bag being used... by someone :)

  3. I will be getting my JJB BP and I would love to make a video!
    When I was shopping for the perfect bag,I watched every video I could on the Be Prepared.
    I have three boys in cloth diapers,so it was QUITE the hunt to find a large enough bag!!
    I will get back with a link to a video when I get a chance to film it!

    1. Feel free to do the video. The $10 coupon code will still apply for a short while longer. We truly need as much support as possible so I TRULY appreciate it :)

  4. Email me for the $5 coupon code :)