Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ju Ju Be Packabe VS Timi and Leslie 2 in 1 Backpack

A customer requested some comparison info. Hope this helps anyone who's on the fence :)

Timi and Leslie 2in 1
Ju Ju Be Packabe
 W-11" H"-14 D-6"
 H-13.5" W-13" D-5.5"
Exterior Pockets
Pocket Information
* Front Pocket: double magnet closure buttons with flap. Inside this front pocket there are 3 elastic top mesh pockets. This pocket is big enough to fit a bunch of items including a large wallet (ie. Ju Ju Be Be Major), keys, cell phone and more.
* Right above that pocket is a zippered pocket which is as deep as the length of the bag. Smaller in the width. Roomy enough for the changing pad and I think you can possibly even fit all your changing needs in there J
*the 2 side pockets are tall, insulated and fit water bottles. They look big enough to fit standard sippie cups as well but I don’t think they will fit the jumbo, super bulky sippies.
*Back Pocket is a zipper pocket that holds the backpack straps. It’s as tall and as wide as the bag and can fit additional items.
*Front Top pocket- hidden magnet closure. Has 2 picture slots on the bottom side of the flap. Inside the pocket there’s 1 zippered pocket, one fabric pocket and one mesh pocket as well as an elastic stretch key FOB
* Bottom front pocket- hidden magnet closure with 2 additional mesh pockets inside.
*Side pockets are insulated with elastic to allow a large enough opening for sippy cups. Covers a standard size water bottle minus 3” (3” of the water bottle sticks out)
* Back pocket is where you’ll find the changing pad with room to spare. The pocket is the same width and height of the bag minus the few inches for the opening at the top.
*see Youtube videos for more details
Interior Pockets
Pocket Information
*Large pocket towards the back with an elastic strip to hold it closed. Velcro at the end of the strip. This allows it to double as a second compartment giving you more room for organization.
*On that large pocket are 2 elastic top mesh pockets
*and towards the front there are 2 elastic top plain nylon pockets
*1 zippered pocket towards the back, I want to say about the size of a CD case.
*Another pocket next to that one, elastic top mesh. Has extra give of fabric for more storage space.
*2 more elastic top mesh pockets.
Mesh pockets are deep
Strap Length
Approximately 27” at its shortest and 42” at its longest
Approximately 44” at its shortest and 70” at its longest (keep in mind it’s extra long to convert from messenger to backpack and if you can also make it short enough for a shoulder bag by keeping it clipped at the bottom)
Strap Width
1 ¾ “
Strap Information
Weaved nylon
Comes with a shoulder pad that can be moved around on the strap itself and can be removed
Swivel Clip clasps
Adjustable and Removable
Top is the print which is Teflon coated fabric and the bottom is satin
Wipe Teflon, spot clean satin
Shoulder pad has D-rings, is padded and has a non slip grip on the bottom side
Swivel Clip clasps
Adjustable and removable (you can purchase padded backpack straps separately if you would like to use the bag just as a backpack)
Flap with 2 magnet closure buttons
Zipper that starts from 4” on either side
Silver Metal
Silver Metal
Bottom Feet
One main but the interior back pocket can be considered a 2nd compartment
One main
Exterior Material
Weaved Nylon, Water resistant, High Quality, Soft to the touch – not the abrasive type
Water Resistant Teflon coated fabric, high quality
Soft, not stiff
Stain resistant
Interior Lining
Nylon, Wipable
Satin, spot clean, wipable, anti microbial
Care Instructions
Wipe and Spot Clean
Machine Washable
Changing pad, stroller straps, messenger strap, built in backpack straps and key FOB
Changing Pad
Weaved nylon flat
Changing Pad
Folded: 9.5” X 7” X .5”
Open: 27” X 18”
Print on one side, nylon on other side
Lightly padded
Velcro closure
Mesh pocket on the outside
Folds 4 times
Folded: 12” X 8” X .5”
Open: 21.5” X 12”
Print on one side, satin  on other side
Wipeable and stain resistant
Memory foam padding
Folds 2 times
Stroller Straps
Will work with bars or double handles
Sold separately

I love both these companies and own bags from both. You can't go wrong :)


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  1. This is awesome!! Thank you so much for taking the time to post this comparison! It really helps me to see the differences and similarities between the two bags. You guys are awesome! :)

  2. Yay :) I'm glad it helped :) Thank you for your kind words. We appreciate it so much!

  3. Thanks... good comparison! I love Jujube, but I just ordered this Timi and Leslie bag... looks like a great buy!